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Dr. Agarwal
I have clinical experience of 25+ years. In which I have handled different acute & chronic cases like Herpes Encephalitis, HIV, Nephritic Syndrome, Nephritis, Renal calculi, Hypothyroidism, Psoriasis, Lichen Planes, Eczema, Diabetic foot, Non Healing ulcer. I have video recordings of about 150 cases both acute & chronic along with their follow ups.

Homeopathic medicines have changed the way chronic diseases need to be treated. Homeopathy treatment is a specialized method taught in some countries to the doctors, who may be trained as homeopathic doctors.

Homeopathic clinics have to equipped with medically trained homeopathic doctors having thorough knowledge of homeopathic medicines as well as medical science. Homeopathic doctors should be able to guide you about the overall management of chronic diseases. You should expect from Homeopathic doctors to give you a clear idea about the scope and limitation of homeopathic medicines for your ailment.

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