Shri Ram Clinic and Its Guiding Philosophy
Guiding Philosophy of
Shri Ram Clinic
The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure -- as it is termed. The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of the health, or removal and anhiliation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensibleprinciples.
Samuel Hahnemann,
Organon of Medicine,6th Edition

The goal of medicine should be first and foremost to heal the sick. This may seem obvious, and yet the history of medicine tells us that repeatedly in hundreds of instances fundamental discoveries in medicine have been neglected, dismissed, or attacked, usually because these great leaps forward did not fit into the rigidly held assumptions of the time. The greater the distance between the old and the new ideas, the more difficulty the new discovery encountered. Homeopathy has faced tremendous hostility during its two hundred years, and still does today. Nonetheless, as the world is opening up now to new possibilities more than ever before, Homeopathy is flourishing precisely because it works.

It is our experience, and the experience, as well, of tens of thousands of physicians and educated men and women around the world, that often it is possible to cure illness or reduce its impact by the use of Homeopathic medicines applied according to the methods of Hahnemann. Homeopathy is not a panacea for all illness. In its proper setting, as a self treatment of simple self-limited acute and first aid conditions, or as a part of a professional practice of medicine treating serious illness, Homeopathy can be an effective therapy for many acute. recurrent and chronic diseases.

There are many considerations in the treatment of disease, such as diet, hygiene, genetics, lifestyle, family, career, faith, personal successes and/or failures, and others. Our goal is not the rigid promulgation of dogma or the exclusion of other healing therapies. We believe that the true physician takes into account all of these considerations and chooses the best course of therapy for the individual patient. When Homeopathy provides the best course of therapy for a patient, we are here to offer our services.

My specific mission is to provide the highest quality homeopathic consultation for the relief of human suffering from acute, recurrent or chronic disease. While complementary and alternative treatments are becoming more common, Homeopathy takes a different approach from conventional medicine in diagnosing, classifying, and treating medical problems. It seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness and its treatment is tailored for each person.I try to conduct my work with respect for my teachers my colleagues, my patients, and our earth.
Dr. Agarwal
I have clinical experience of 25+ years. In which I have handled different acute & chronic cases like Herpes Encephalitis, HIV, Nephritic Syndrome, Nephritis, Renal calculi, Hypothyroidism, Psoriasis, Lichen Planes, Eczema, Diabetic foot, Non Healing ulcer. I have video recordings of about 150 cases both acute & chronic along with their follow ups.

Homeopathic medicines have changed the way chronic diseases need to be treated. Homeopathy treatment is a specialized method taught in some countries to the doctors, who may be trained as homeopathic doctors.

Homeopathic clinics have to equipped with medically trained homeopathic doctors having thorough knowledge of homeopathic medicines as well as medical science. Homeopathic doctors should be able to guide you about the overall management of chronic diseases. You should expect from Homeopathic doctors to give you a clear idea about the scope and limitation of homeopathic medicines for your ailment.

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